FREE SHIPPING! We pay the shipping costs on all orders over $60 in the continental U.S. (excludes 25kg bags)
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      We want to give you easy access to receive all of our products at the lowest possible cost. As you know, shipping rates are calculated on weight. Many of our products are heavy so the charges for shipping tend to be slightly higher. Heavy products simply cost more to ship to you.


      free shipping

      We are excited to offer you free shipping on orders of $50 (pre-tax) or more within the continental US. We would love to offer free shipping on every order but the math simply doesn’t make sense on the smaller orders, and our bulk 25kg bags (55 pounds). This policy helps us offer you low prices every day.



      We will continue to explore ways to reduce our shipping costs and pass savings on to you. As you can see, we aren’t looking to make money on freight, we are simply looking to cover our costs without losing money.



      If you have additional questions about our shipping policies, please get in touch by emailing us at